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Send your press release pitch (at the right time)

You’ll need to think about the day (and time) you hit the “send” button because certain days and times have better success rates than others.
For instance, 61% of journalists prefer to receive press releases in the morning. That’s almost two thirds, so it's probably worth getting your pitch out early to have the best chance of success.

However, remember that journalists have an average of 300 emails waiting for them in the morning. It might be best to wait an hour or so, and send your release mid-morning for a better chance of your pitch standing out in their inbox.
Additionally, it's important to consider the day of the week. While modern-day businesses are often active seven days a week, there’s still a traditional lull in pick-up rates when it comes to press release distribution.
So, consider the day you send your release -- it might land more coverage if you pitch it midweek, as opposed to sending first thing Monday morning.
According to an analysis of over 100,000 press releases by Ragan, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to distribute your story. And a further study by Prowly recommends sending on a Thursday, with data suggesting over 26% of press release emails are opened by journalists on this day.

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