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Can Teenage Athletes Use Protein Powders?

Protein is essential for professional athletes and proteins supplements like whey protein supplements or powder, mass protein, protein bar etc., often an easy way for them to get their muscles repaired and build quickly.
Whey proteins from GNC Protein is the popular nutrition powder because it is digested and absorbed easily and builds your muscles. If you are a growing teen athlete, you should focus on getting adequate and right nutrition for development, growth, and physical activity but should typically avoid supplements, including best protein powders in India. VigRx Plus

Teenagers may want to use nutrition powder to become bigger, bulk up, stronger, and quick on the field. But, teens don't really need nutrition powders. Consuming too much protein won't be useful, and can be harmful.

Dangers of Protein For Teens Athletes

Most of the best nutrition powders come with the warnings that say "intended for healthy adults above 18 years. Nutrition supplements are specifically designed for adults or teen athletes above 18 because their health impacts are not studied on teenagers and may be harmful to teen health. Though protein powders are not heavily regulated, few of them contain prohibited, unwanted substances or toxic chemicals and harmful ingredients for teenagers (heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, or other toxins have been found in protein supplements).
This can pose a threat to healthy teens as they are developing and growing and going through puberty. Vigrx Plus Norway

Moreover, top or best protein drinks contain added sugar and fillers. Nutrition supplements should not be used as a go-to for increasing protein intake in teenagers' diets.

Teenagers Athletes Nutrition Needs

Non-athlete teenagers require around 0.3 to 0.4 g of protein per pound of body weight or about 0.85g per kg. This equals about 40 to 60 g of protein a day, as per the size. This can easily be fulfilled by eating whole foods. Vigrx Plus the United States

Whereas teenage athletes need 0.45 to 0.6 g protein per pound of body weight. This is around 50 to 90 g a day, as per the body size.

Teens athletes can meet their nutrition needs by adding the best protein foods from animal and plant sources.  VigRx Plus Australia You can get high-quality protein from animal products such as poultry, meat, fish, milk, eggs, and dairy products, and soy products too. These are the best protein sources teens can include in their diet.

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