A woman mowing the lawn at a Canadian airstrip is struck and killed by a small plane making a landing

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(CNN)A pistillate mowing the writer astatine a tiny airfield successful Quebec died aft she was deed by a level arsenic it came successful for a landing, authorities say.

The 27-year-old woman, who has not been identified, was operating a tractor connected Monday adjacent the runway astatine the Saint-Esprit airfield successful Quebec, astir 37 miles (60 km) northbound of Montreal.

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"What we tin recognize is that the pistillate was connected a tractor mowing the tract and erstwhile the level did its descent to onshore connected the airstrip the airplane deed the woman," Quebec municipal constabulary spokesperson Marc Tessier told CNN.

    The pistillate was taken to the infirmary wherever she aboriginal died, Tessier said. She worked for a institution that provided attraction astatine the airport.

      The aviator of the level was not injured, but was successful daze aft the incidental and was taken to the infirmary to beryllium checked out, helium said.

      Tessier said that the tiny airfield is utilized by backstage craft and that a skydiving institution besides operates there. The aviator was successful his ain plane, helium said.

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      The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) is investigating the incidental and a squad has interviewed witnesses, examined the craft and the tractor and collected different grounds astatine the tract connected Monday.

      The level was a single-engine Nanchang CJ-6 -- a Chinese-built grooming level that is usually flown by backstage pilots successful Canada, a TSB spokesperson Chris Krepski told CNN.

      Krepski said that astatine the clip of the incident, the upwind "was due for ocular formation rules flying" and that determination were airy winds and a fewer clouds astatine 4,000 feet.

        Tessier said it could instrumentality a fewer weeks, oregon adjacent months, to find what happened.

        A full of 170 aerial proscription accidents were reported to the TSB successful 2020, and 114 progressive noncommercial, oregon backstage aircraft, according to the agency. There were 16 aerial proscription fatalities past year.

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