AFL legend torches Carlton over Teague saga

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AFL large Leigh Matthews has taken a changeable astatine Carlton's beforehand bureau implicit the attraction of manager David Teague, declaring: "Whoever's moving that shot nine has got nary thought however to tally a shot club."

Reports suggest Carlton is waiting for an update connected erstwhile Hawthorn manager Alastair Clarkson's plans for adjacent twelvemonth earlier making a telephone connected who volition pb the squad adjacent season, pursuing an outer reappraisal into the shot department.

AFL fable Leigh Matthews. (AAP)

Sam Mitchell is replacing the 53-year-old arsenic Hawks manager adjacent play and Clarkson was readying connected having adjacent twelvemonth disconnected earlier being approached for the Carlton gig.

Teague was expected to beryllium punted from the relation this week aft the nonaccomplishment to GWS, but Blues president Luke Sayers told members connected Monday the nine would not beryllium rushed into making a decision.

Matthews, a erstwhile champion subordinate and coach, lashed the nine for the mode it has handled the matter, portion advising Teague to "wait to beryllium sacked", alternatively than resign.

"You wonderment who's moving the footy nine astatine Carlton," Matthews told 3AW.

"I indispensable say, from the outside, whoever's moving that shot nine has got nary thought however to tally a shot club.

"I reckon it's the radical astatine the apical of that shot nine that are the problem. Somehow oregon other, that is conscionable not working.

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"Sometimes erstwhile boards overplay their roles successful what's going connected successful the footy department, that's erstwhile the club's successful trouble. The committee has to name a CEO usually, but the committee mightiness beryllium progressive successful appointing the shot manager and the elder manager – and those 3 radical tally the footy nine and fto the committee backmost out."

Despite the changeless innuendo astir his presumption and the accent that comes from that, Matthews urged Teague to proceed successful the presumption until he's told otherwise.

"There'd beryllium a large portion of David Teague, if I was him, you'd say: 'I've had enough. I'm retired of here.' But he's not going to locomotion retired connected his contract," helium said.

"I'd beryllium waiting to beryllium sacked, that's what I'd beryllium doing if I was David Teague. I'd conscionable beryllium hanging successful determination and don't spell resigning. Just marque sure: 'If they're going to get escaped of me, they're going to sack maine and they're going to wage maine retired adjacent year.'"

Carlton has struggled nether Teague's guidance implicit the past 2 years. The Blues finished 11th successful 2020 and 13th this year.

Along with Clarkson, Ross Lyon has besides emerged arsenic a contender for the presumption aft the erstwhile St Kilda and Fremantle mentor declared his intentions connected Footy Classified past week.

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