Alleged mercenary's sister rejects Haiti murder plot allegations

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Bogota, Colombia (CNN)Jenny Capador inactive cannot judge she volition ne'er spot her member again -- and she surely does not judge that he is an assassin, arsenic officials successful 2 countries person present alleged.

Her member Duberney Capador is 1 of astatine slightest 3 radical killed successful a constabulary cognition successful the Haitian superior of Port-au-Prince successful the aftermath of the assassination of the country's president, Jovenel Moise, connected July 7.

Haitian constabulary accidental that Capador, a retired sergeant with 20 years of acquisition successful the Colombian army, is suspected of being portion of a commando squad that organized the high-level killing.

Twenty Colombians person already been arrested successful transportation with the decease of Moise. At slightest 1 different Colombian was besides killed successful an brushwood with Haitian information forces.

But Jenny Capador, who was precise adjacent with her brother, doesn't judge helium could person been progressive successful the assassination, which has thrown Haiti into further uncertainty amid escalating pack unit and an acceleration of Covid-19 infections.

Working for 'an important man'

The occupation connection that kicked disconnected a concatenation of events yet starring to Capador's decease had sounded promising astatine first. "I knew it since April... that helium got this occupation connection and helium was going to question overseas and enactment arsenic backstage information for an important antheral successful Haiti," Jenny Capodor told CNN.

Haitians anticipation  'the information   volition  travel  out' arsenic  overseas   investigators probe brutal execution  of their President

She said her member described a "siege" connected the time of Moise's death.

"On the greeting of Wednesday, July 7, helium called maine and told maine that, sadly, they got determination to support idiosyncratic important but that they arrived late. He told maine they were successful a house, nether siege and nether fire, fighting. But helium told maine not to interest and not to archer our mother, that everything was going to beryllium alright," she said.

One of the past communications she received from her member was a WhatsApp connection saying "Amen" successful effect to her blessings and questions astir his wellbeing. She received the connection connected the evening of July 7 astatine 5.50 p.m., according to a screenshot of the WhatsApp chat seen by CNN.

CNN has not been capable to verify the claims successful Capador's messages to his sister.

The pursuing day, she said she learned her member had been killed successful Haiti. And that Haitian officials regarded him arsenic a fishy successful the assassination of their president.

By Friday, Duberney Capador's mugshot had been shown astatine a property league by the Colombian National Police arsenic 1 of the alleged killers, according to preliminary investigations by the Colombian and Haitian police.

Burned-out cars tin  beryllium  seen wherever  the constabulary  engaged successful  a weapon  conflict  with the suspected assassins adjacent   Haiti's nationalist  palace connected  Route de Kenschoff.

'He was our hero'

"It wasn't him: I'm 100% definite of the innocence of my member and his comrades," Jenny Capador told CNN from Genóva, Colombia, a agrarian hamlet successful the Department of Quindio, a hilly portion celebrated for prime java and beauteous landscapes.

"My member is an honorable man, he's ever been an fantabulous brother, lad and begetter to his 2 sons. He served 20 years successful the Army, since helium was 18. He had a imagination of being a warrior, of serving the fatherland and assistance our state execute peace," she said.

Haiti connected  borderline   arsenic  theories astir  President's assassination capable    the vacuum

As a youth, Duberney Capador joined the Colombian Army's peculiar forces and fought rebel guerrillas successful confederate Colombia, his sister told CNN. She claims helium was invited to bid successful the United States, a communal signifier among Colombian service elite units.

When helium retired 2 years agone astatine the property of 38, Capador started moving successful backstage security, according to his sister. Officers from the Colombian service are often sought aft by information companies due to the fact that they are apt to person plentifulness of acquisition successful nonstop combat, acknowledgment to Colombia's 5 decades of guerrilla warfare.

Capador says she does not cognize who her member mightiness person been protecting, however galore radical helium was moving with, nor who was seemingly besieging them. She showed CNN a photograph of her member wearing a azygous marked "CTU Security" -- a US information steadfast -- but said she was not alert helium had ever done concern successful the United States. CNN was incapable to scope CTU Security for comment.

A spokesperson from the Colombian constabulary told CNN connected Saturday they were moving with preliminary grounds shared by the Haitian constabulary done Interpol.

The main of Colombian nationalist quality travelled to Port-au-Prince connected Saturday to articulation the probe with a radical of Colombian policemen, though CNN could not verify if helium has met with the Colombian suspects detained successful Haiti yet.

    Jenny Capador says her lone privation present is to person her brother's assemblage backmost from Haiti to mourn him arsenic helium deserved.

    "We are going to springiness him a hero's funeral. He was our leader and the axis of our family... He loved these hills. He should remainder here."

    Etant Dupain successful Port-au-Prince contributed to this report.

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