Apple's October 18 event: What to expect and how to watch

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Surprise: There's different autumn Apple event, and it could mean caller MacBooks.


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Apple has decided that 1 autumn lawsuit isn't enough: It's announced a 2nd 1 taking spot connected Monday, October 18, and it's expected to beryllium different hardware uncover event. This time, rumors constituent to a afloat redesigned MacBook enactment with immoderate long-overdue changes.

While everything is ever rumor until it leaves the rima of Tim Cook, predictions of past events person been accurate. With that said, everything winding its mode done the rumor mill is conscionable that: a rumor. Take these predictions with a atom of brackish until Monday astatine 1 p.m. eastbound clip erstwhile the lawsuit kicks off.

Apple's October 18 event: What to expect

According to Bloomberg news (and astir each different quality source), the upcoming lawsuit is expected to revolve astir the MacBook, specifically the MacBook Pro. A redesign, the inclusion of Apple Silicon, a caller MagSafe charger, refreshed display, the instrumentality of the HDMI larboard and the elimination of the interaction barroom are specifically predicted. 

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The Apple Silicon spot successful the predicted 2021 MacBook Pro volition beryllium a measurement up from the M1 arsenic well. Whether it volition beryllium called M1A, M1X, M2 oregon thing other remains to beryllium seen, but M1X is the favorite

It's imaginable that Apple volition besides denote a caller exemplary of its AirPods headphones, the Mac mini and different Mac laptops arsenic well. The caller AirPods are rumored to beryllium an entry-level merchandise that mimics the plan of the AirPods Pro, which person replaceable rubber tips for a amended fit. 

Apple's October 18 event: How to watch

If those rumored products piqued your interest, you don't privation to miss the October 18 event, which starts astatine 10 a.m. PDT (1 p.m. eastern). 

Streaming the lawsuit is, arsenic usual, imaginable from respective antithetic places. You tin motion up to adhd a calendar lawsuit astatine Apple's lawsuit page, wherever the lawsuit volition besides beryllium streamed connected Monday. The lawsuit besides has a YouTube page wherever you could, if you truthful desire, enactment tuned successful until the lawsuit starts. 

Apple's TV apps for macOS, Apple TV and iOS besides typically see lawsuit streams, truthful if you similar to ticker connected 1 of those platforms conscionable tune successful anterior to the lawsuit and a nexus to the watercourse should beryllium front-and-center erstwhile the app opens. 

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