Billionaire will rebuild collapsed subway overpass in Mexico City

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(CNN)Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim volition wage for each the costs needed to rebuild Mexico City's subway overpass-stretch, which left 26 dormant aft it collapsed past month, according to Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Lopez Obrador said during his regular property briefing connected Wednesday that helium met with Slim, and that the billionaire assured the President that his operation steadfast "will wage for everything" needed for the reconstruction of Mexico City's Subway Line 12 overpass.

"He volition instrumentality attraction of the reconstruction of the full [subway line] stretch, making definite that it gets done with each the indispensable information [measures] astatine nary outgo to the [Mexican] radical and without asking [the government] for a budget," Lopez Obrador said.

    Slim "will not hold for the judicial [final probe findings]," and volition statesman coordinating with Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum "so that successful a year" the enactment volition beryllium unfastened and operational erstwhile again, Lopez Obrador added.

      The Carlos Slim Foundation declined to remark connected Lopez Obrador's connection erstwhile reached by CNN, arsenic did Mexico City authorities.

      Dozens of radical mislaid their lives erstwhile an elevated information of Line 12 known arsenic the "Golden Line" collapsed successful Mexico City connected May 3.

      The subway enactment had been touted arsenic 1 of the astir costly and ambitious nationalist works projects successful Mexican past erstwhile it was inaugurated successful October 2012.

      The highly publicized ribbon-cutting was attended by the who's-who of Mexican authorities and powerfulness astatine the time, including then-president Felipe Calderón and Marcelo Ebrard, who was past successful his past days arsenic Mexico City's politician and is present overseas minister.

      Carlos Slim, the proprietor of 1 of the operation companies involved, was besides there.

      Now, an autarkic probe by the Norwegian steadfast DNV and a abstracted probe by the section attorney's bureau are looking into the causes of the deadly collapse, arsenic good arsenic those progressive successful the operation project, including Slim himself.

        According to the investigation's preliminary findings, deficient welding of metallic studs, which seemingly were not good connected to alloy beams supporting a factual slab and the elevated bid rails, was among a fig of issues that contributed to the May 4 incident.

        The study said missing metallic studs successful immoderate sections of the structure, antithetic kinds of factual utilized for the slab and unfinished oregon severely welded joints were immoderate of the different factors that caused the raised railway to buckle, sending 2 subway carriages plummeting to the streets below.

        Reporting contributed by CNN's Natalie Gallon and Karol Suarez successful Mexico City.

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