Clarkson makes call on Carlton coaching job

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Four-time premiership-winning manager Alastair Clarkson volition instrumentality a sabbatical successful 2022, rejecting overtures from aggregate clubs.

Clarkson's manager, James Henderson, confirmed the erstwhile Hawthorn mentor had been approached to manager adjacent year, but decided alternatively to instrumentality a twelvemonth off.

"He is afloat committed to taking the twelvemonth disconnected to walk clip with his household and to undertake further survey and idiosyncratic improvement opportunities," Henderson said successful a statement.

"He had received approaches from immoderate AFL clubs this week but had not precocious immoderate of those discussions."

Where Clarkson whitethorn person ended up wasn't revealed, though Collingwood request a replacement for Nathan Buckley, portion David Teague's tenure astatine Carlton is shaky astatine best.

The concern astatine the Blues has descended into farce, with AFL fable Leigh Matthews advising Teague to "wait to beryllium sacked."

"You wonderment who's moving the footy nine astatine Carlton," Matthews told 3AW.

"I indispensable say, from the outside, whoever's moving that shot nine has got nary thought however to tally a shot club."

Alastair Clarkson won't manager successful 2022. (Nine)

All reports pointed to Teague being axed successful the lawsuit Clarkson wanted the job.

The aboriginal of the erstwhile Hawks manager has been the speech of the AFL, since helium near Hawthorn aft 17 seasons.

Clarkson was primitively owed to manager Hawthorn successful 2022, earlier handing implicit to Sam Mitchell, but brought guardant his exit by 12 months.

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