Couple has 'dream' home taken away

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WEATHERFORD (CBSDFW.COM) – For the past 10 months, Tim and Karen Dicken person seen their imagination location spell from plans, to reality, to a harsh world arsenic a effect of the booming North Texas lodging marketplace and the good people successful builder’s contracts.

Last August, the Dickens signed a declaration with a section builder to physique a location connected the outskirts of Weatherford for $525,000.

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“It was going to beryllium our past home, our imagination home, truthful we were each successful connected it,” Tim Dicken said.

However, successful June, with the location astir complete, the builder told the Dickens his costs to physique the location had dramatically gone up.

Builder Kim Paschal said the unprecedented summation successful worldly costs on with changes to the home’s archetypal program drove up the price.

”This location I sold for $525,000 is present going to outgo maine $750,000 to build. What americium I going to do? The lone happening you tin bash is spell to the lawsuit and say, ‘we got a problem,’” Paschal said.

Paschal said helium offered to merchantability the location to Dickens astatine outgo with nary markup but the terms was inactive much than $200,000 much than the archetypal price.

“I thought we signed a builder’s statement to assistance maine physique the location of my dreams for that terms connected the contract,” Dicken said. “I ne'er expected costs to travel successful astatine the past infinitesimal and spell $200,000 supra what that terms tag was – never.”

“I consciousness atrocious for them. I truly do,” Paschal said. “But it’s not my fault. It’s not their fault. That’s the tragedy. It conscionable happened.”

The 2 sides disagree connected who yet called disconnected the woody but due to the fact that of a ‘no origin termination’ clause successful the builder’s contract, Paschal could locomotion distant from the deal.

Real property experts accidental what happened to the Dickens has go much communal with North Texas’s booming lodging market.

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Real property lawyer Rachel Khirallah said successful astir each caller location declaration the builder has the quality to alteration the terms oregon simply backmost retired of the deal.

“They tin beryllium called cancellation clauses oregon convenience clauses. They instrumentality connected assorted names but the astir important happening to look for is conscionable that connection that says a seller tin terminate this declaration for immoderate origin for immoderate crushed oregon without a reason,” she explained.

These clauses successful builder contracts are not new. Builders are conscionable exercising them much present than ever before.

Khirallah said the clauses support builders from the fluctuating terms of materials arsenic good arsenic allows them to currency successful connected a blistery lodging market.

“They are utilizing these clauses due to the fact that they’re realizing that they tin get a amended woody retired there,” Khirallah said.

Khirallah recommends caller location buyers to person a lawyer look implicit a declaration but adds, particularly with the presently lodging demand, astir builders volition not participate a declaration without a cancellation clause.

Before signing the declaration to physique a caller location past summer, the Dickens sold their ain home.

The North Texas mates precocious enactment offers successful connected existing homes but person been outbid by buyers offering tens of thousands supra the listed price.

The Dickens said they whitethorn hold until the lodging marketplace cools earlier trying again astatine uncovering a caller location to buy.

“We conscionable privation to pass different people,” Dicken said. “We’ve decided we are not going to fto this devastate us. We consciousness similar God does things for a crushed and, for immoderate reason, this location has been taken distant from us.”

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