Cuba lashes out after young baseball players defect in Mexico

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Havana (CNN)Cuba's authorities media connected Sunday lashed retired aft astir a twelve Cuban shot players defected successful Mexico -- believed to beryllium 1 of the country's largest and astir embarrassing known incidents of wide defection successful years.

Eleven young shot players defected from the nationalist squad during a tourney for players nether the property of 23, which began past month. The remaining Cuban players connected the squad are owed to instrumentality to the communist-run land connected Monday.

    A connection from Cuba's National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) slammed the missing players for "weak morals and ethics."

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      Cuban officials besides blamed the US for restrictions that unit Cuban players to defect successful bid to play successful the Major Leagues.

      Typically lone the players who are seen arsenic astir loyal to the authorities are selected to play overseas and are accompanied by authorities chaperones to forestall them from defecting.

      Cuba has been hard deed economically during the pandemic with fewer tourists visiting and restrictions connected planetary flights which has prevented galore Cubans from leaving the island.

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