Ex-Test star could play finals for new club

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Parramatta and Manly are warring a two-way conflict for Sharks prop Aaron Woods - and could adjacent get him for the remainder of this season.

The Sharks person told Woods - a erstwhile NSW and Australian front-rower - that helium is escaped to permission astatine the extremity of the season.

Plenty of clubs person shown involvement successful the large man, including strugglers Brisbane, but Wide World of Sports is proceeding that Woods is tossing up betwixt the Eels and Sea Eagles.

And if a woody tin beryllium struck successful coming weeks, Woods, aged 30 and a seasoned of implicit 200 top-grade games, could beryllium playing for his caller nine successful the finals.

Woods' departure is portion of a monolithic changing of the defender astatine Cronulla which volition besides spot veterans Shaun Johnson, Josh Dugan and perchance Andrew Fifita permission the club.

Another long-serving star, Chad Townsend, has already left, making a cameo with the Warriors earlier joining the Cowboys successful 2022.

The departure of the large names - who are besides connected large wealth - volition springiness incoming manager Craig Fitzgibbon plentifulness of currency to splurge connected a new-look squad adjacent season.

Aaron Woods of the Sharks. (Getty)


Lachlan Lewis played his champion crippled successful archetypal people against the Roosters past weekend, scoring 2 first-half tries to support the battling Bulldogs successful the contest.

But I'm proceeding that Lewis, who was lone a precocious inclusion successful the team, is improbable to beryllium retained by the Bulldogs arsenic manager Trent Barrett attempts to springiness his squad a full makeover.

Barrett has signed 2 good playmakers successful Matt Dufty and Matt Burton, and besides has Jake Averillo, Brandon Wakeham and Kyle Flanagan connected the books for adjacent season.

Lewis has yet to beryllium offered a woody for 2022 - a wide motion that the Bulldogs see him surplus to requirements for adjacent season.

Lachlan Lewis of the Bulldogs. (Getty)


So wherever to for Anthony Milford, the highest-paid subordinate successful Broncos past who is present unwanted astatine the club?

Milford is inactive lone 27 and has quality connected his time - but has been a bitter disappointment successful caller seasons.

One spot Milford volition not beryllium going is Canberra, wherever his shot travel began arsenic a superb youngster successful 2013.

Milford was enactment to the Raiders arsenic a imaginable enlistee for adjacent twelvemonth but the nine isn't interested.

Milford wants to enactment successful the NRL but clubs are hardly beating a way to his doorway pursuing his wretched play astatine the Broncos, which has seen him dropped respective times by manager Kevin Walters.

Super League appears his champion enactment astatine this stage, wherever helium could rebuild his signifier and confidence.

He is inactive young capable to person a mates of seasons successful England to regain his mojo earlier attempting a instrumentality to the NRL.

Anthony Milford of the Broncos. (Getty)


Sacked Cronulla manager John Morris looks similar snaring a vocation lifeline astatine the new-look South Sydney successful 2022.

Incoming Rabbitohs manager Jason Demetriou is considering hiring Morris, who got Cronulla to the finals successful some his seasons arsenic caput manager earlier being axed aboriginal this season.

Morris has been fixed glowing references by players and the coaching unit astatine Cronulla and could get the accidental to rebuild his vocation nether the respected Demetriou.

Demetriou faces a monolithic task filling the boots of the guru Wayne Bennett, but has been doing overmuch of the 'hands-on' coaching astatine Souths this twelvemonth successful mentation for his changeable astatine the large clip successful 2022.

Former Cronulla Sharks manager John Morris. (Getty)

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