'Eye of fire' that erupted in Gulf of Mexico is under control, says Mexico-owned oil company

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(CNN)A blaze connected the aboveground of the Gulf of Mexico resembling a ample "eye of fire" has been brought nether control, according to Mexico's state-run lipid institution Pemex.

Orange flames resembling molten lava appeared to erupt from beneath the aboveground successful videos that went viral connected societal media, which dubbed it an "eye of fire." The occurrence broke retired a abbreviated region from a Pemex lipid platform.

In a statement, Pemex said the fire, blamed connected a state leak from an underwater pipeline, began astatine 5:15 a.m. section clip Friday disconnected the seashore of Campeche, westbound of the Yucatan Peninsula.

    The fire, which was adjacent to an lipid platform, was enactment retired by 10:45 a.m. section time, and nary injuries oregon evacuations of the installation person been reported.

      Videos of the fire, nicknamed the "eye of fire," circulated connected  societal  media.

      Pemex said an probe has been launched into the incident.

        Angel Carrizales, caput of Mexico's lipid information regulator ASEA, wrote connected Twitter that the incidental "did not make immoderate spill," according to Reuters quality agency, but did not explicate what was burning connected the water's surface.

        Pemex, which has a agelong grounds of major concern accidents astatine its facilities, said it would analyse the origin of the occurrence and said it unopen the valves of the 12-inch-diameter pipeline, Reuters added.

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