F1 star 'shaken' after $75,000 Wembley mugging

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McLaren says Lando Norris is "shaken" but "unharmed" aft his ticker was stolen successful the aftermath of Italy's Euro 2020 triumph implicit England astatine Wembley Stadium.

According to the Sun, the 21-year-old was attacked erstwhile helium arrived backmost astatine his $300,000 McLaren GT supercar aft the match.

His $75,000 Richard Mille ticker was stolen.

"McLaren Racing tin corroborate that Lando Norris was progressive successful an incident, aft the Euro 2020 last lucifer astatine Wembley, during which the ticker helium was wearing was taken," the squad said successful a statement.

"Thankfully, Lando was unharmed but helium is understandably shaken. The squad is supporting Lando and we are definite that racing fans volition articulation america successful wishing him each the champion for the British Grand Prix this weekend.

"As this is present a constabulary substance we cannot remark further."

Lando Norris pictured astatine Wembley aft the Euro 2020 final. (Instagram)

An eyewitness told the Sun: "Lando was held and different robber pulled disconnected his ticker successful a divided second. Lando looked beauteous shaken up. Security had been a nightmare each night."

There was assemblage chaos some earlier and aft the lucifer successful London. Fans without tickets attempted to summation entree anterior to kickoff, arsenic information struggled to support control.

Wembley Stadium said successful a connection that "there was a breach of information and a tiny radical of radical got into the stadium."

Football Association brag Mark Bullingham said a afloat reappraisal volition beryllium undertaken into the information breach.

"We volition bash a afloat reappraisal and we volition enactment with the constabulary to drawback anyone progressive and marque definite we tin forestall it ever happening again," helium told BBC Radio Four.

"Anyone caught volition evidently beryllium banned and person the close enactment taken against them.

"We tally a stadium, not a fortress. We person got a fantastic information squad astatine the stadium and they had ne'er seen thing similar it."

Daniel Ricciardo (right) with McLaren teammate Lando Norris. (Getty)

Fans besides caused occupation successful the aftermath of Italy's punishment shootout victory, denying England its archetypal large trophy successful 55 years, with radical maltreatment directed astatine the 3 players who missed punishment goals.

"The FA powerfully condemns each forms of favoritism and is appalled by the online racism that has been aimed astatine immoderate of our England players connected societal media," the FA said successful a statement.

"We could not beryllium clearer that anyone down specified disgusting behaviour is not invited successful pursuing the team. We volition bash each we tin to enactment the players affected portion urging the toughest punishments imaginable for anyone responsible."

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