Here Is The Proof That Republicans Are Killing Their Own Voters With COVID

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In counties wherever Trump won 70% of the vote, the COVID decease complaint is 4.7 times higher than counties wherever helium won 32%.

More People Die Of COVID In Counties That Trump Won Big

David Leonhardt of The New York Times tweeted:

The expanding partisan spread successful Covid's decease toll is stark:

— David Leonhardt (@DLeonhardt) September 27, 2021

Republicans Are Killing Their Voters With COVID

It doesn’t instrumentality a mathematician to recognize that successful counties wherever Trump won 7 retired of each 10 votes, astir 5 times much radical are dying from COVID. When these facts are combined with the world that the immense bulk of unvaccinated Americans are Republicans, the decision is that the Republican politicization of the pandemic has resulted successful the GOP sidesplitting a batch of their ain voters.

The aforesaid dynamic is playing retired with the Republican passed elector suppression bills. The contention to utmost right-wing positions successful the Republican Party has resulted successful the GOP adopting policies that harm oregon adjacent termination their ain voters.

When the Republican presumption connected the pandemic is referred to arsenic a decease cult, the numbers supra are what is being discussed.

Republicans similar Trump and his acolyte reddish authorities governors would alternatively termination their voters than manus Democrats a “win” connected the pandemic.

Killing your ain voters is simply a losing strategy, but that is precisely what Republicans are doing successful immoderate of the reddest parts of the country.

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