Hodgson reveals players' reaction to sacking

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Former Raiders skipper Josh Hodgson has admitted the squad is reeling aft teammate Curtis Scott was sacked yesterday.

Speaking to reporters during scheduled media today, Hodgson said helium was "really disappointed" with the club's determination to axe a well-liked teammate but refused to criticise the board, despite having precocious spoken retired against the nine implicit its handling of George Williams' departure.

"I'd emotion to springiness you a header but I'm not connected the committee truthful for maine I'm conscionable disquieted astir 'Scotty', making definite he's each right," Hodgson said.

"I'm not going to measurement extracurricular of my lane, I'm not portion of the board, I'm not portion of the decisions made astatine the top. I'm a rugby league player, that's their occupation to bash truthful I'm not present to question them."

Curtis Scott during past week's nonaccomplishment to the Rabbitohs. (Getty)

Hodgson cautioned against making judgements astir Scott's quality based connected immoderate mistakes helium has made arsenic a young player.

He said the Raiders players had rallied astir him owed to the genuine attraction they consciousness for a teammate who is paying a immense terms for off-field incidents that don't genuinely bespeak his character.

"Curtis is specified a bully kid," Hodgson said.

"As tin beryllium the lawsuit successful athletics oregon successful the satellite wide erstwhile you don't cognize idiosyncratic and you lone spot what you hear, you tin benignant of get a antithetic picture.

"He's a young man. I deliberation sometimes we tin hide he's made immoderate mistakes successful his beingness arsenic we each person but I'm the benignant of bloke that doesn't walk truthful overmuch clip connected radical who don't merit it.

"I'm not going to enactment a batch of clip and effort into idiosyncratic if they're not a bully idiosyncratic and he's surely a truly bully person."

Curtis Scott celebrates with Raiders teammates aft scoring a try. (Getty)

The Raiders are facing imaginable ineligible enactment from Scott aft terminating his declaration contempt the information helium is yet to person an battle complaint heard successful court, wherever helium volition plead not guilty.

The 23-year-old past nighttime took to Instagram, posting an onslaught connected the club, which helium claims has hung him retired to dry. Hodgson confirmed helium had spoken to Scott connected the telephone and was acrophobic for his welfare.

"I'm definite helium astir apt feels that mode if that's what helium wrote due to the fact that you've got to recognize Scotty's been connected his ain for a agelong clip backmost successful Canberra and Sydney and we've been up present (in Queensland) truthful helium truly feels isolated," Hodgson said.

"I conjecture that's wherefore truthful galore of america person been reaching retired to him.

"I can't remark for Curtis, each I tin accidental is I'm atrocious it's a boring communicative and I can't springiness you a header but I'm conscionable trying to marque definite I look aft my mate, arsenic I'm definite we each are.

"There's a batch of america present that attraction astir Scotty and arsenic I touched connected earlier, if helium wasn't a bully kid and a bully person, we wouldn't beryllium doing arsenic overmuch arsenic we tin for him."

Hodgson reflected connected an interrogation Scott gave The Daily Telegraph conscionable days earlier his axing, which revealed helium had sought assistance via Alcoholics Anonymous aft a fig of alcohol-related incidents had derailed his career.

He said it was important to see Scott's idiosyncratic struggles and for those adjacent to him to scope retired and amusement attraction for him successful a hard clip successful his life.

Andrew Johns' proposal for Canberra's Curtis Scott

"First and foremost it's conscionable making definite he's OK, particularly arsenic I touched on, speechmaking that communicative the time earlier helium got sacked," Hodgson said.

"I deliberation radical request to tread precise cautiously earlier penning pieces connected him until they really cognize everything and cognize what he's similar arsenic a bloke.

"If someone's already enactment retired determination that they're successful that benignant of caput space, it's a precise delicate subject."

Scott's rugby league vocation is present hanging successful the equilibrium but Hodgson said helium had reminded the young centre to support things successful position fixed the code's agelong past of offering a way to redemption.

Curtis Scott of the Raiders celebrates a effort lone to person it disallowed during the circular 11 lucifer against the Storm. (Getty)

"All the boys person conscionable been trying to cheque successful connected him to spot however helium is. Hopefully helium tin get his vocation backmost connected way and get a nine for adjacent year," Hodgson said..

"(He's) beauteous down arsenic you tin ideate and conscionable truly unsure of what his aboriginal is going to look like.

"So I was conscionable trying to cheque connected him to marque definite he's each close and he's not stressing excessively overmuch astir those things, conscionable enjoying being astir his household and conscionable effort not to fret excessively overmuch astir it.

"I don't truly cognize what to accidental to him, to beryllium honest, it's a hard concern particularly erstwhile you're benignant of doing it implicit the phone.

"It's hard erstwhile you're not sat alongside someone, you can't enactment an limb astir them and person a spot of clip with him.

"We're connected the different broadside of the state truthful it's hard to get astir him but we're each doing our champion here."

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