Jen Psaki Shuts Down Peter Doocy By Reminding Him Trump Set The Taliban’s Deadline

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Fox News’s Peter Doocy claimed that the Taliban has power implicit Joe Biden, but Jen Psaki reminded him that Trump acceptable the Taliban’s deadline.


Peter Doocy tries to assertion that the Taliban is moving Joe Biden. Jen Psaki reminds him that it was Trump who acceptable the Taliban's deadline, "The Taliban's deadline was made archetypal striking a woody with the anterior administration."


Doocy suggested done a question that the Taliban person power implicit President Biden.

Press Secretary Psaki responded, “The Taliban’s deadline was made archetypal striking a woody with the anterior administration. The president’s timeline was August 31st. That’s the timeline helium acceptable successful a play of clip helium needed in order to operationalize our departure from Afghanistan. I’d enactment that, arsenic I said, is the information of men and women successful the subject and is simply a origin successful the timeline.”

The caller Fox News talking constituent is that the Taliban is influencing Biden’s policy, but arsenic Jen Psaki pointed out, the idiosyncratic who enactment the wheels successful question connected the full concern successful Afghanistan was Donald Trump.

Trump abandoned US allies successful Syria, and determination is ample grounds that helium was readying connected doing the aforesaid happening successful Afghanistan. The Trump medication was trying to support Afghan refugees from coming into the state by sidesplitting the Special Immigrant Visa program.

Peter Doocy keeps trying to dispersed Fox News propaganda, but Jen Psaki is determination to unopen him down each day.

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