Lost dog tag returned after being pulled from sand

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WAREHAM, MASS. (WHDH) - A antheral with a metallic detector made an unthinkable find connected Little Harbor Beach successful Wareham — a missing subject ID canine tag from decades ago.

The tags belonged to Richard “The Thermometer Man” Porter, who passed distant 2 years agone and, aft a small research, the antheral who recovered it was capable to get successful interaction with Porter’s grandson, Daniel Minkle.

“He recovered my grandfather’s canine tags from the Air Force,” said Minkle. “He was successful the Air Force 70 years ago.”

Minkle said helium is gladsome helium returned that man’s call.

“To get thing backmost similar this, it means truthful much, it was an amazing, astonishing telephone call,” helium said.

Though his household ne'er knew the tag was missing, helium said they are blessed to person the portion of household past backmost wherever it belongs.

“It’s 1 of those things, it’s decidedly him checking successful connected us,” Minkle said. “If that’s not a hullo past I don’t cognize what is.”

The tags volition present bent successful a peculiar place.

“I program to enactment them connected a concatenation and bent them from the reflector successful my motortruck oregon successful my location and cherish it,” helium explained. “He’s looking down precise blessed that this is happening for us.”

Minkle said helium hopes to decently convey the antheral with a escaped repast erstwhile his caller room and brewery unfastened up.

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