Mexico sues gun makers over flow of arms from US to Mexico

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"This flood is not a earthy improvement oregon an inevitable effect of the weapon concern oregon of U.S. weapon laws. It is the foreseeable effect of the Defendants' deliberate actions and concern practices," the ailment reads.

    Major brands Smith & Wesson, Colt and Glock are among the astir twelve defendants named successful the suit.

      The companies did not respond instantly to CNN's petition for comment.

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      The ailment was filed successful a US Federal Court successful Boston, and aims "to enactment an extremity to the monolithic harm that the Defendants origin by actively facilitating the unlawful trafficking of their guns to cause cartels and different criminals successful Mexico," the ailment reads.

      Mexico alleges that the defendants design, market, administer and merchantability guns successful ways that routinely limb cause cartels successful Mexico, "Defendants usage reckless and corrupt weapon dealers and unsafe and amerciable income practices that the cartels trust connected to get their guns."

      "Defendants plan these guns to beryllium easy modified to occurrence automatically and to beryllium readily transferable connected the transgression marketplace successful Mexico," the suit continued.

      In a statement, the commercialized radical NSSF, which represents the US firearm industry, rejected the allegations and argued that Mexico bears work for weapon transgression connected its soil.

      "Rather than seeking to scapegoat law-abiding American businesses, Mexican authorities indispensable absorption their efforts connected bringing the cartels to justice," said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel.

      'Mexico has to bash much and better'

      According to the lawsuit, homicides successful Mexico declined from 1999 to 2004, but past accrued dramatically opening successful 2004, "exactly contemporaneously with Defendants' accrued production, distribution, and selling of their military-grade weapon."

      Foreign Ministry Marcelo Ebrard said during a league connected Wednesday that aft 2 years of work, Mexico filed the ailment with the extremity of "the defendants companies compensate the Mexican authorities for the damages caused by their negligent practices, the magnitude of this request volition beryllium determined successful the trial."

      "We are going to litigate it with each seriousness, and we are going to triumph the trial, and we're going to drastically trim the illicit arms commercialized to Mexico, which cannot stay unpunished to those who produce, beforehand and promote this postulation from the United States," Ebrard said.

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        He added that the defendants should make and instrumentality tenable standards to show and, erstwhile appropriate, subject their distributors "because companies cognize it, they reason that aft selling and selling they nary longer person the responsibility, but they do," helium continued.

        "This request doesn't regenerate different efforts that indispensable beryllium made, Mexico has to bash much and amended to power its border, successful fact, we person to deliberation of different benignant of supervision of the borders against weapons, it does not replace, but it's essential, If we don't marque a ailment of this quality and we don't triumph it, they volition not understand, they volition proceed to bash the same, and we volition proceed to person deaths each time successful our country."

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