NY offering gift cards at gun buyback event

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State offering acquisition cards, electronics astatine weapon buyback lawsuit successful Syracuse

The authorities Attorney General's Office is offering acquisition cards and machine tablets successful a no-questions-asked weapon buyback lawsuit successful Syracuse.

As portion of a statewide effort to combat weapon violence, the lawsuit volition beryllium held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, July 24, astatine St. Lucy’s Food Pantry, 425 Gifford St. A akin lawsuit successful Niagara Falls past week collected 196 firearms.

Guns indispensable beryllium delivered unloaded and placed successful a integrative bag, insubstantial container oregon box. Firearms driven to the tract should beryllium kept successful the trunk. There is nary bounds connected the fig of guns an idiosyncratic whitethorn crook in, but licensed weapon dealers and progressive oregon retired instrumentality enforcement officers are not eligible for this program.

In a quality release, the AG's bureau said that the buyback is an amnesty program. No ID volition beryllium required and nary questions volition beryllium asked of the idiosyncratic dropping disconnected the firearm. Participants are asked to deterioration a disguise and support societal distancing.

Payment for guns:

• Assault rifle, $250

• Handgun, $150

• Rifle oregon shotgun, $75

• Non-working oregon antique gun, $25

Payment volition beryllium made by prepaid acquisition card. Those turning successful battle rifles and handguns volition besides person 1 Apple iPad per person, taxable to availability connected a archetypal come, archetypal served basis.

The Attorney General's Office said that 196 firearms were turned successful to instrumentality enforcement astatine a buyback lawsuit hosted successful practice with the Niagara Falls Police Department July 10, including 92 handguns, 80 agelong guns, 4 battle rifles and 20 non-working oregon antique guns. The bureau said it has taken much than 1,600 firearms retired of communities done buyback events and different efforts since 2019.

“Gun unit is simply a nationalist wellness situation that is endangering communities crossed the state,” Attorney General Letitia James said successful a statement. “From going aft the convulsive cause rings liable for this violence, to hosting these weapon buybacks statewide, we are doing everything successful our powerfulness to get guns disconnected our streets and retired of unsafe hands. We convey our partners successful instrumentality enforcement for their invaluable enactment successful this effort and shared committedness to ensuring each New Yorkers are safe.”

For much accusation connected the program, telephone (315) 864-2000 oregon sojourn ag.ny.gov.

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