Paralyzed woman walks down aisle on wedding day

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DECATUR, Ind. (WISH) — An Indiana pistillate overcame each the likelihood erstwhile she walked down the aisle astatine her wedding connected Saturday. Brittney Bedwell was told she would ne'er locomotion again aft she was paralyzed successful an ATV crash.

The clang changed her beingness and astir ruined the large infinitesimal she had ever dreamed of.

“It was truly important to maine due to the fact that I got to ticker my sisters locomotion down the aisle with him, and I knew I wanted to bash that, truthful I had to propulsion myself adjacent harder,” said Bedwell.

After the crash, Bedwell spent the adjacent respective months successful the hospital. She had aggregate surgeries and adjacent fought disconnected superior infection.

“A doc told maine that I was ne'er going to locomotion again, and I didn’t privation to judge that, and I did for a portion and I had slump and anxiousness but erstwhile I got implicit that, I conscionable woke up 1 time and I conscionable similar started feeling immoderate worldly successful my legs and I knew that it wasn’t over,” said Bedwell.

Little did she know, it was lone conscionable beginning. In the months following, she gained spot successful carnal therapy and her now-husband, Glen, projected astatine the hospital. She said truthful overmuch of her advancement has been adjacent much intelligence than physical.

“I person my kids, I person my hubby and I person my household and friends and they’re each successful my country truthful I’m pushing for them due to the fact that they’re pushing for me,” she said.

Her communicative of occurrence doesn’t halt here, she whitethorn person met her prince charming, but present she’s acceptable for the happily ever after.

“I already person therapy enactment up for adjacent week, truthful I’m getting retired of this chair,” said Bedwell.

Bedwell was besides told due to the fact that of her wounded she wouldn’t beryllium capable to person kids again. She’s present 4 months pregnant.

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