Paul McCartney says the Rolling Stones are 'a blues cover band'

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London (CNN)in the latest installment of a affable rivalry betwixt 2 of the world's biggest euphony groups, Beatles fable Paul McCartney has dubbed the Rolling Stones "a blues screen band."

McCartney, who is presently promoting a caller book, made the remark successful an interrogation with The New Yorker's David Remnick, published Monday.

"I'm not definite I should accidental it, but they're a blues screen band, that's benignant of what the Stones are," said McCartney, adding: "I deliberation our nett was formed a spot wider than theirs."

    This isn't the archetypal clip McCartney has made unfavorable comparisons betwixt his ain erstwhile set and the Rolling Stones.

      In an April 2020 interrogation with Howard Stern, helium said the Beatles were "better."

      Ronnie Wood (left), Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (right) of the Rolling Stones, pictured successful  September

      "Their stuff's rooted successful the blues. When they are penning stuff, it has to bash with the blues. Whereas we had a small much influences," helium said. "There's a batch of differences, but I emotion the Stones, but I'm with you. The Beatles were better."

      Rolling Stones pb vocalist Mick Jagger responded to those comments successful an interrogation with Zane Low for Apple Music.

      "There's evidently nary competition," said Jagger, laughing.

      Paul McCartney sets the grounds   consecutive  connected  who truly  broke up   the Beatles

      "The large difference, though, is and benignant of somewhat seriously, is that the Rolling Stones person been a large performance set successful different decades and different eras erstwhile the Beatles ne'er adjacent did an arena tour, Madison Square Garden with a decent dependable system," Jagger said, adding: "They broke up earlier that concern started, the touring concern for real."

      The Beatles and the Stones were 2 of the astir celebrated groups successful the satellite successful the 1960s. While the Rolling Stones are inactive touring six decades later, the Beatles divided up successful 1970.

      Rolling Stones wage  tribute to Charlie Watts arsenic  they yet   footwear   disconnected  US tour

      Despite galore fans blaming him for the split, McCartney, present aged 79, told BBC Radio 4 that it was co-lead vocalist John Lennon who instigated it.

      "John walked into the country 1 time and said, 'I'm leaving the Beatles.' And helium said, 'It's rather thrilling. It's alternatively similar a divorce.' And past we were near to prime up the pieces," McCartney told writer John Wilson successful an interrogation clip that aired connected Monday.

      The afloat interrogation volition beryllium broadcast connected October 23.

        McCartney's latest publication "The Lyrics" is owed to beryllium published connected November 2.

        Described arsenic "a self-portrait successful 154 songs," the publication comprises commentaries connected his opus lyrics, edited by Irish writer Paul Muldoon.

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