Police find over 8,000 Nazi memorabilia items in suspected pedophile's home in Brazil

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(CNN)Police recovered a postulation of much than 8,000 items of Nazi memorabilia connected Tuesday astatine the location of a pedophile fishy successful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The postulation was estimated to beryllium worthy 3 cardinal euros (nearly $3.5 million). It contained a assortment of items from the Third Reich period, specified arsenic official´s uniforms, flags, insignias, coins, medals, images of Adolf Hitler, guns and ammo from the Nazi regime, according to Rio de Janeiro Police Chief Luis Armond.

"It´s appalling. I person ne'er seen thing similar it. I felt similar I was astatine Inglourious Basterds [sic] movie," Armond told CNN.

    The memorabilia were discovered erstwhile constabulary went to the 58-year-old man's location to service an apprehension warrant connected suspicion of pedophilia, aft his neighbors reported seeing him "approach children" and tried to instrumentality them to his property, constabulary said successful a connection Wednesday.

      According to police, successful summation to the memorabilia, officers besides recovered pornographic worldly involving minors connected the man's computer.

      The fishy present faces respective charges, including amerciable possession of guns, radical discrimination, and possession of kid pornography. Armond said the antheral faces up to 30 years successful situation if convicted of the crimes.

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      "We are conscionable starting the investigations, it's not a communal case. We request to hint however helium acquired those items, from who and where. And present we person a occupation connected however to store it, since it tin deteriorate oregon beryllium stolen," Armond said.

        The acquisition of the Nazi items is suspected to person travel from amerciable auctions connected the net from antithetic parts of the world, constabulary said.

        The memorabilia volition beryllium stored successful Rio de Janeiro constabulary depository for the clip being.

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