'Rust' armorer 'mishandled' guns on previous film with Nicolas Cage, crew members say

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(CNN)Two unit members archer CNN that Hannah Gutierrez, 24, who was the pb armorer connected the acceptable of "Rust," mishandled weapons connected a erstwhile movie project.

Stu Brumbaugh, the cardinal grip connected "The Old Way," told CNN that Gutierrez handled guns connected the acceptable of that task successful a reckless mode and that helium urged the film's adjunct manager to occurrence her.

"There's a cosmopolitan mode to grip weapons connected acceptable and instantly reddish flags went up erstwhile I worked with Hannah," Brumbaugh said. "This is wherefore I asked for her dismissal."

    "This is wherefore radical get injured due to the fact that of rookie mistakes," helium said.

      CNN has reached retired to the film's accumulation institution and the adjunct manager connected the movie for comment. CNN has besides reached retired to Gutierrez.

      Brumbaugh cited an incidental successful which Gutierrez fired a weapon adjacent the film's prima Nicolas Cage without warning.

      "Make an announcement! You conscionable blew my f***ing eardrums out!" Cage screamed successful effect and past walked disconnected acceptable angrily, according to Brumbaugh.

      "She was talking to the stunt coordinator, and she conscionable fired disconnected a round, it sounded [like she fired] astatine the ground, and that's erstwhile Nick truly laid into her. That's erstwhile I said she needs to beryllium fto go, she's the astir inexperienced armorer I had ever worked with. I person nary thought wherefore she wasn't fto go."

      CNN has reached retired to Cage for comment.

      Brumbaugh's allegations were archetypal reported by The Wrap.

      Gutierrez is the girl of longtime Hollywood armorer, Thell Reed. "Rust" was her 2nd movie arsenic an armorer. She said connected an occurrence of The Voices of the West podcast successful September that she was "nervous" to enactment connected "The Old Way."

      "I astir didn't instrumentality the occupation due to the fact that I wasn't definite if I was ready, but doing it, similar it went truly smoothly," she said during the podcast.

      A root who worked connected "The Old Way" and requested their sanction not beryllium included for fearfulness of nonrecreational reprisal told CNN they besides had concerns astir Gutierrez's enactment connected the project.

      "She walked retired onto the acceptable with unrecorded rounds with nary announcement whatsoever to the formed and unit by her," the root said. "She ne'er announced to anyone that she was walking connected the acceptable carrying firearms loaded with blanks with her."

      "She didn't transportation the firearms safely. She had pistols tucked nether her armpits and was carrying rifles successful each manus that were acceptable to beryllium utilized successful the scene," this idiosyncratic added. "Firearms were aimed astatine people. She turned astir and the pistols that were tucked nether her armpits were pointing backmost astatine people."

      Santa Fe County Sherrif says Baldwin fired 'suspected unrecorded  round' connected  'Rust' set

      On Wednesday, the Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said investigators judge the weapon fired by "Rust shaper and prima Alec Baldwin contained a "suspected unrecorded round."

        Mendoza said Gutierrez, Baldwin and others connected the "Rust" acceptable astatine the clip of the shooting are cooperating with the investigation.

        An earlier mentation of this communicative utilized Hannah Gutierrez's afloat name, Hannah Reed-Gutierrez. It has been updated to bespeak she does not look to hyphenate her past sanction professionally.

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