The assassination of Haiti's president is the latest challenge for CNN Heroes serving their nation

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(CNN)Before the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise, CNN Heroes and their non-profits already faced important challenges serving their communities. Yet they person recovered ways to measurement up and marque Haiti a amended place, often successful the look of pack unit and a deficiency of resources.

Three CNN Heroes shared their stories of the caller information and uncertainty they are present facing successful the days since Moise's killing.

Using shot and acquisition to support kids retired of gangs

    Since 2007, Patrice Millet has been utilizing shot to amended children successful immoderate of Haiti's poorest slums.

      Millet, a 2011 CNN Hero, founded Foundation Notre-Dame du Perpétuel Secours (Foundation of Our Lady of Perpetual Help), oregon FONDAPS. The enactment provides escaped equipment, coaching and nutrient with the purpose of teaching children however to go liable citizens.

      Patrice Millet, FONDAPS laminitis  and 2011 CNN Hero

      Currently, determination are astir 250 students successful Millet's program. But implicit the past 4 months, the menace of kidnapping from well-armed gangs has made it hard for them to conscionable connected the shot fields, helium said.

      Millet, who spoke to CNN from Miami, said that the assassination of Moise shows however hard it is to consciousness harmless anyplace successful Haiti close now.

      "People tin travel similar that and termination a president," helium said. "In the thoroughfare now, you are nothing. Everybody tin travel and termination you for nothing. And this state is conscionable getting worse."

      Millet said helium wants unity and justness successful the aftermath of Moise's assassination.

      "I'm truly acrophobic for this country," helium said. "What I'm acrophobic for is that determination could beryllium a genocide."

      To forestall Haiti from sliding into genocide, Millet said helium believes the state needs to found a caller government. He is calling connected the planetary assemblage to assistance make a lasting operation that would let for elections.

      However, Millet besides warned that immoderate engagement by the planetary assemblage would request to instrumentality into relationship Haiti's past and the events that led to this moment.

      When Haiti fought for and won its independency from France successful 1804, it became the 2nd escaped republic and the lone achromatic federation successful the Americas, 2nd lone to the US. Since then, Haiti's assemblage bequest has been a long, analyzable past of governmental and economical upheavals and struggles.

      Millet is calling connected the planetary assemblage to analyse however truthful galore guns are coming into Haiti and landing successful the hands of pack members.

      Proud that FONDAPS has managed to support kids retired of gangs, Millet said helium has nary plans to stop, and is lone looking to grow his program.

      "The enactment I americium doing should beryllium done connected a bigger scale," helium said. "The nutrient I person been giving is not enough. ... The wealth I person to wage each the expenses is not enough. ... I privation to assistance the others successful the Cité Soleil community. And I don't person overmuch assistance ... adjacent if I don't person the help, I volition inactive bash the job."

      Rape survivors warring to extremity unit against women

      Malya Villard-Appolon is the co-founder of KOFAVIV -- an acronym that translates into the Commission of Women Victims for Victims. She and her web of rape survivors supply aesculapian attraction and enactment to different rape survivors. She was named a Top 10 CNN Hero successful 2012.

      In an email to CNN, she described the concern successful Haiti earlier the statesmanlike assassination arsenic catastrophic and disastrous for Haitian women.

      "There is nary nationalist wellness care. It is hard to spell to tribunal to complain. At this time, we person nary food, nary water, nary ineligible prosecution." She goes connected to accidental the concern has lone gotten worse aft Moise's killing. "Now that the president is dead, we person nary leaders; women and girls are much vulnerable."

      2012 CNN Hero Malya Villard-Appolon, co-founder of KOFAVIV

      Villard-Appolon said she was forced to fly Haiti successful 2014 aft gunmen targeted her astatine home. She spoke with CNN from the US, wherever she is inactive moving with her squad connected the crushed to enactment survivors successful Haiti.

      Villard-Appolon said the thoroughfare gangs were filling a powerfulness vacuum successful Haiti, adjacent earlier Moise's death.

      "Gangs instrumentality implicit the streets, determination are nary information forces; the president was inexistent adjacent earlier helium died, and present gangs are making the law."

      She described incidents of women being raped successful beforehand of their husbands, and girls successful beforehand of their parents. She recounted however women and girls are being victimized openly, without immoderate recourse, and said she would similar to spot the planetary assemblage play an progressive relation successful ending thoroughfare violence.

      "We are asking the satellite to assistance america eradicate gangs successful the state and nonstop immoderate forces to disarm them; the colonisation cannot survive, our young girls, women, cannot survive."

      Calling to money Haiti's 'productive forces'

      Before Robert "Boby" Duval founded his non-profit, L'Athletique d'Haiti (Athletes of Haiti), successful 1996, helium was a unfortunate of Haiti's turbulent governmental past. During the authorities of then-President Jean-Claude ("Baby Doc") Duvalier, Duval was jailed for 17 months and tortured.

      During that time, Duval claimed to person witnessed much than 180 deaths among his chap prisoners. He was lone released aft US President Jimmy Carter's medication demanded the merchandise of each governmental prisoners successful Haiti.

      Now, pursuing the Moise assassination, Duval is calling connected the satellite to again wage attraction to what's happening wrong Haiti and enactment to bring astir affirmative change. He wants to spot countries travel unneurotic to "give the productive forces of this state a chance" and "really enactment them, the ones that marque a difference."

      Boby Duval, laminitis  of L'Athletique d'Haiti and a 2007 CNN Hero

      Duval, named a CNN Hero successful 2007, and L'Athletique d'Haiti person been making a quality for much than 30 years. They connection children successful immoderate of Haiti's astir impoverished neighborhoods an accidental to get disconnected the streets, play a athletics and person a regular meal. They adjacent instrumentality their teams to competitions astir the world.

      Duval describes Haiti arsenic successful a "state of shock" since Moise's assassination. He says helium understands that immoderate radical were unhappy with the precocious president's enactment but powerfully condemned the killing.

      "There is thing that requires specified a barbaric enactment of violently taking his life," helium said.

        Duval said helium worries this assassination volition acceptable a atrocious precedent that volition further erode Haiti's fragile democracy. However, these concerns are lone strengthening his committedness to his origin and the young radical helium serves.

        "This benignant of behaviour is not capable for maine to wantonness oregon to alteration my vision. In presumption of what I tin bash to lend to a affirmative improvement of this federation ... it reinforces the reasons of what I'm doing. That means trying ... to bash everything I tin to person the astir interaction towards the radical who request it most."

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