What lessons can Canada teach America about deadly gun violence?

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(CNN)As Americans crossed the state celebrated the nation's independency and its state from the evident worst of the coronavirus pandemic, an epidemic of a antithetic benignant remained connected acquainted display: the surge successful shootings.

It was an incredibly convulsive play crossed the country.

    According to the Gun Violence Archive, determination were astatine slightest 150 radical killed by weapon unit successful much than 400 shooting incidents successful America from Friday to Monday.

      As lawmakers, activists, and transgression experts look for solutions to the caller question of wide shootings crossed the United States, immoderate are looking to America's neighbour to the northbound for imaginable answers.

      So overmuch safer

      America is simply a federation saturated by guns, with much firearms than people. According to the Small Arms Research project, determination are 121 firearms for each 100 residents.

      A stunning visualization of America's wide    shooting problem

      Nowhere other compares. But Canada is 1 of the occidental nations that comes closest, with an estimated 35 guns per 100 residents.

      Still, wide shootings successful Canada are truthful rare, nationalist information authorities archer america they don't adjacent support an authoritative list.

      For a decade, determination were astir 5 murders per twelvemonth successful Canada with 3 oregon much victims, according to the country's nationalist statistic agency.

      But, with truthful galore guns, wherefore does Canada look to beryllium truthful overmuch safer than the United States erstwhile it comes to weapon violence?

      Training and tripwires

      For one, Canadian instrumentality requires citizens to acquisition robust inheritance checks and mandatory grooming earlier obtaining a weapon license.

      And dissimilar immoderate grooming programs, students are not the lone ones gathering information. Instructors service arsenic a archetypal enactment of defense, observing and making enactment of immoderate students they find should not ain a gun.

      "If the instructors spot a pupil that comes successful who they consciousness conscionable is not doing good astatine beingness successful general, and possibly should not person a firearm, we'll springiness that pupil a afloat refund, we'll make a implicit written study for our records, and we'll proviso a transcript of that study to the (government) firearms halfway arsenic well," said Travis Bader, proprietor of Silvercore Advanced Training successful Canada.

      According to the Canadian Commissioner of Firearms, the fig of radical denied a licence oregon had theirs revoked has been climbing, to much than 4,000 successful 2019.

      Reasons for licence denials oregon revocations person included intelligence wellness concerns, perchance being a menace to oneself oregon others, tribunal orders, and lying connected licence applications.

      Another quality betwixt the US and Canada: waiting periods earlier 1 tin get a gun.

      In Canada, residents seeking to acquisition a firearm indispensable hold 28 days earlier taking possession. By contrast, successful the United States, determination is nary national waiting play if an applicant passes a authorities transgression database check.

      Broad nationalist enactment for caller weapon laws

      Unlike successful the United States, wide weapon unit has led to swift legislative alteration successful Canada. After the 2020 Nova Scotia wide shooting, which near 22 radical dead, officials passed an battle weapons ban, which enjoyed wide fashionable support.

      "The (Nova Scotia) massacre triggered nationalist anger, mobilization, and it pushed the Canadian authorities to move," said Francis Langlois, prof astatine the University of Quebec successful Montreal.

      A twelvemonth  aft  Canada's worst-ever wide    shooting, a prohibition  connected  assault-style guns has already been successful  spot  for months

      Despite overwhelming nationalist enactment of weapon power authorities successful Canada, weapon rights advocates criticized the moves arsenic authorities overreach.

      The US based National Rifle Association called Canada's betterment efforts "unnecessary," insisting caller laws load "already law-abiding firearm businesses, hunters, farmers and athletics shooters."

      No law protections

      Perhaps the astir glaring quality betwixt the American and Canadian approaches to weapon unit comes down to definite protections enshrined successful the US Constitution.

      Unlike successful the US, determination is nary 2nd Amendment guaranteeing Canadian citizens the close to ain guns.

      In fact, experts accidental weapon possession is simply a privilege successful Canada, alternatively than the flashpoint often seen successful immoderate parts of America, wherever unregulated weapon ownership is truthful intimately associated by immoderate with idiosyncratic freedom.

      Canada volition  not instrumentality  a nationalist  handgun ban, instead, they'll permission  that up   to idiosyncratic  communities

      "It's a privilege that the authorities gives to citizens," said Professor Langlois, adding that the Canadian authorities "can region it."

      Despite the law differences betwixt the 2 nations erstwhile it comes to the close to ain a gun, 1 happening is clear: the Canadian authorities engages successful a overmuch much robust effort than the United States to place imaginable sources of weapon violence.

      According to grooming adept Travis Bader, the Canadian authorities does "criminal grounds checks, inheritance checks, notation checks," and interviews spouses and household members of weapon licence applicants.

        Bader noted that, adjacent aft students walk the mandatory grooming program, nationalist instrumentality enforcement officials tally regular database checks connected those with weapon licenses to guarantee they person not engaged successful transgression activity.

        "The Canadian strategy recognizes that people's lives alteration implicit time," said Jooyoung Lee, subordinate prof astatine the University of Toronto, "and conscionable due to the fact that you are acceptable to ain a weapon astatine 1 constituent successful clip does not mean that, successful the future, you volition proceed to beryllium fit."

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