White House to Vaccine Skeptics: ‘The Wait Is Over’

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Aug. 24, 2021 -- White House officials are urging COVID-19 vaccine skeptics to get immunized present that Pfizer’s two-dose changeable has been fixed afloat FDA approval.

“We cognize that determination are Americans who were waiting for the FDA process to beryllium completed earlier getting the shot,” Jeff Zients, the White House COVID-19 effect coordinator, said during a briefing Tuesday. “For those Americans, the hold is over. Now is the clip to articulation the much than 200 cardinal Americans who person already rolled up their sleeves and gotten vaccinated.”

Many Americans person voiced concerns implicit the past respective months astir the exigency usage presumption of disposable coronavirus vaccines. As of Monday, Pfizer’s vaccine has shed that statement and been fixed afloat approval.

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD, called the support a “key milestone for our country’s vaccination efforts.”

“We cognize immoderate radical person been waiting for this adjacent measurement to beryllium completed earlier they get vaccinated,” helium said. “If that's you, the clip to get vaccinated is now.”

He continued: “Do it for your ain health, bash it for our children who aren't capable to get vaccinated and trust connected the remainder of america to shield them from infection. Do it for our wellness attraction workers who are running connected fumes arsenic they conflict to attraction for COVID-19 patients successful overflowing hospitals for the 4th clip during this pandemic. And bash it for your community, which needs much radical similar you to get vaccinated to instrumentality to normal.”

Meanwhile, COVID-19 cases proceed to rise.

The astir caller 7-day mean of regular cases is 137,000 -- astir a 12% summation from the anterior average. Deaths accrued 23% to 739 per day.

But vaccinations are besides connected the rise. There are present 171 cardinal Americans afloat vaccinated, and determination were 6 cardinal shots administered successful the past 7 days -- the highest 7-day full successful implicit a period and a half.

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